Light Pink Heart Flakes

Jackpot Flakes Slime Color

Neon Green Slime Pigment Powder

Minty Green Slime Pigment Powder

Froggy Green Slime Pigment Powder

Sonic Blue Slime Pigment Powder

Flamingo Pink Flakes Slime Color

Lucky Holographic Flakes

Yes, we already discussed pigment powders. But glow in the dark pigments deserve its own category. Party loving and fun loving slimers alike will definitely find these enticing. These can be found in powder form across many different colors. First, shine a light onto the pigment-infused slime. This energizes the crystals of the pigment and…
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Butterscotch Color Changing Slime Pigment Powder

I use this in many of my slimes ( and I have to say it is hands-down my favorite pigment. I have made many videos showing the mixing of this pigment (@limeryslimery) because it is THAT BEAUTIFUL!!!! You can see the rose and with the gold it is sooooooo beautiful . . . you need…
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